Convert Customers with Eye-Catching A+ Content on Amazon 

Tell your story and build brand affinity to enhance your product listings and customer experience

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What is Amazon A+ Content?

High-resolution images, vivid descriptions and shoppable content that help customers imagine your product solving their problem.

If you’re brand registered on Amazon this free tool enhances your existing product listings.

Instead of the regular product description, A+ content builds your brand presence with stunning visuals and text that helps customers relate to your solution.

With 15 modules to choose from for hundreds of combinations, you have total control over how your product is displayed.

Not all your competitors will have A+ content so it’s the perfect way to gain leverage.

Amazon A+ Content (or Enhanced Brand Content) Can:

1. Increase conversions

When a customer knows everything there is to know about your product, they’ll be more likey to hit “add to cart”. A+ Content makes that decision easier for them.

2. Grow market share

Amazon prefers to display Items that convert. Plus, SEO-friendly text in the content will help your products get found and appear in search results.

3. Increase sales

Better conversion = more traffic = more sales. It’s a virtuous cycle that sustains itself. All from a bit of initial work to present your products in the perfect light.

Build Your Brand

Customers on Amazon are browsing for the best quality-price ratio.

Beautiful images help establish your brand identity and build trust. A+ content helps your products stand out and gives you another way to address and convince customers.

Enhance Product Listings

Transform your dull, boring “product description” into an enticing, multimedia catalogue.

Informative graphics and imagery take up real estate and will have people spending more time looking at your product rather than your competitor’s.

enhanced brand content on amazon why use it

Delight Your Customers

Think of enhanced brand content as a pamphlet for your product. Improve customer experience by showcasing beautiful images of your product and providing detailed feature information to help you stand out.

Get Found

The text in your A+ content doesn’t just provide your customer with important information. It has the potential to increase visibility in search results (SEO), driving more customers to your product page.

A+ Content Designed to Convince and Convert

build your reputation

Build Your Reputation

Have something that sets you apart from the rest? Share it. Whether you’re certified organic, have an award-winning product, are part of a socially responsible or have a unique production process, let them know in the enhanced brand content.

minimize returns

Minimize Customer Returns

When a customer knows everything they need to about their products, they’ll know what to expect. Communicating keyfeatures minimizes returns and negative reviews.

include customer reviews in your enhanced brand content

Include Customer Reviews

A+ Content is a great place to show what your customers are saying. In fact, 79% of consumers go to Amazon to check reviews before making a purchase. This is the perfect place to include what your biggest fans are saying about you.

let customers compare products

Compare Your Products

Comparison charts and modules allow you to include your brand ASINs so your customers have a comprehensive view of your other available products. Help them decide which product is right for them.

learn the ins and outs of your products

Get to Know the Ins and Outs of Your Products

The more a customer knows about your product, the happier they’ll be when they receive it. The attractive images and modules in A+ content let you share everything about your product that a customer needs to become an expert on your product.

Establish Context for Your Customers

How can you convince browsers that your product is right for them? Give them some context. This could look like a recipe for food & beverage, a step-by-step how-to, or even an image of the product in use. Offering examples and creating context makes it so easy they can’t object.

Some Examples of Our Work

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