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Tailored Amazon advertising strategies designed to drive sales and boost your bottom line

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As certified Amazon Advertising professionals, we will help you identify the right strategy to meet your budget. Our approach is to spend profitably to achieve long-term sustainable growth, not waste money and force short-term sales that can’t be repeated month over month.

The 3 stages to success with Amazon Advertising

1. Defend your brand

Every day on Amazon, your competitors are fighting to take up space on your product pages and steal sales from people who were originally looking for your brand. We protect those sales with low-cost, high conversion Brand Defense Campaigns.

2. Grow market share

With your brand protected, it’s time to shift to offence and begin growing market share. Making sure your product is gaining visibility for search terms your customers are searching for is crucial for climbing the ranks. We’ll put you at the top of search results.

3. Take on competitors

In the same way they were first targeting you, we’ll now target them. Taking away sales and converting them over as new customers. We’ll launch multiple campaigns attacking your competitors in search and on their product pages so that your brand is always showing up.

Leverage all of Amazon’s advertising tools

Sponsored Brand Campaigns

With Brand Registry you have access to Sponsored Brands Campaigns. These campaigns are specially designed to help you grow brand awareness and capture the oh-so-important ad space above the fold. Here is a key component to protecting your brand on Amazon.

Sponsored Product Campaigns

The bread & butter of Amazon advertising. This is the main tool for showing up everywhere on Amazon. Show up in search results for relevant search terms or on product pages of competitors. Here is where it all starts with manual, auto and product targeting campaigns.

Sponsored Display Campaigns

Now being rolled out to brand registered accounts. Sponsored display allows you to access an incredibly wide array of complex tools to show off your brand and target media-based ad spots.

Our advertising specialists manage every element

Regularly Launch & Test New Campaigns

Brand Awareness & Visibility Campaigns

Identifying Growth Opportunities

Analyze Campaign Performance

Regular Bid Tracking & Optimization

Promotion & Deal Management

Maintain High Ad Quality Scores

Amazon Branded Store Management

Uncover Hidden Opportunities


Our Advertising and Content Team is Amazon
Advertising Accredited

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