Premium a+ content on Amazon

Premium A+ Content on Amazon (And How to Get It for Free) 

Both basic and premium A+ content on Amazon offers customers a richer, more pleasant shopping experience. Both come with additional opportunities to combine beautiful graphics with great copy and SEO which are essential to remaining competitive on Amazon. 

But the exclusivity of premium A+ content (or A++) and high cost make it almost impossible for regular brands to create the beautiful, image-heavy visuals that top brands can access.

Until now. 

In this article, we’ll explain how you can become eligible for premium A+ content on Amazon – for free. 

What is Premium A+ Content?

Premium A+ Content (also known as A++ content) on Amazon is an exclusive premium content feature available to big brands at a heavy price. 

Rich images, videos and interactive modules take up real estate on the product listing page to help convince and convert customers. 

How do I get premium A+ content?

Premium A+ Content is available by invite only. 

However, there is currently a promotion on Seller Central (it first appeared in the summer of 2022) that has made it available to all sellers if they meet these requirements:

Promotional period for A+ premium content
  • At least 15 A+ Content project submissions approved in the last 12 months
  • All of the ASINs must contain a published A+ Brand Story 

This may be the case because Amazon wants to promote their newest A+ Content module – the Brand Story. But you never know with Amazon. 

Here you can find more information about eligibility and the Premium A+ Content promotion

Is Amazon A+ content free?

Basic Amazon A+ Content is free for all vendors.  

Premium A+ content is invite-only and usually comes at a large cost – anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000 per year. 

However, as stated above, now everyone that fulfills the requirements can apply for premium A+ content on Amazon. 

A+ content vs premium A+ content

While both types of A+ content can increase conversions on your products, the rich texts, high-quality images and videos create an even bigger impact than basic A+ content. 

Premium A+ (or A++) content spans a greater part of the width of a product page and features interactive modules that are unavailable in the basic functionalities. 

Basic A+ Content on Amazon: 

  • Free  
  • Available to all brand-registered vendors 
  • Allows you to add up to 5 modules 
  • Choose from 12 basic modules 
  • Maximum content width of 970 pixels 
  • White space between modules 

Premium A+ Content on Amazon: 

  • $250-$500k 
  • Invite only 
  • Allows you to add up to 7 modules 
  • Choose from 16 interactive modules as well as the 12 basic modules 
  • Maximum content width of 1464 pixels 
  • Access to video module 
  • No white space between modules for a seamless magazine-type look 

Examples of Premium A+ Content

Unlike basic A+ content, there is no white space between the premium A+ content modules.  

This is something to keep in mind when designing the different modules.  

Apple creates a seamless experience here like a page from a magazine. The sections in Ultimate Ears, however, look a bit awkward as they don’t maintain a consistent feel between them. 

ipad pro a++ content
Ultimate Ears Wunderboom premium A+ content example

Aside from full-width images, premium A+ content has some more interactive modules that aren’t available in the basic options. Below are some examples of these.

Premium A+ Content Video module

Many sellers on Amazon want access to premium A+ content just to be able to use the video module and include one on their page.

pepsi premium a+ content video module

Premium A+ Comparison Chart

Premium A+ content allows you to choose from 3 different comparison charts as opposed to the one simple style in the basic A+ module.

pepsi premium a+ content comparison charts

Below is a module that allows you to scroll through to compare other products with a few of the key product features. This is an easy way for customers to interact with your product and quickly compare in a visual way.

Premium A+ Simple Image Carousel

Below is another example of an interactive module where the customer can scroll through full-width images.

Pampers comparison chart

Premium A+ Hotspots

Similar to the hotspot module in Amazon Stores, this premium-only module is another way that customers can interact with the different features of a product and learn more about each one by scrolling over it. 

Pampers premium A+ hotspot example

Premium A+ Q&A Module

This module is a wonderful way to answer customers’ most pressing questions and address any objections they may have.

Amazon’s “Customer questions and answers” section is a great place to find what customers are asking and which questions to include in this module. Plus, since most A+ content appears above the Q&A some customers may not scroll all the way down. Including this type of interactive module can help reduce returns and negative reviews because the customer has as much information as possible.

premium A+ q&A module


If you’re able to fulfil the Amazon requirements to gain access to premium A+ content, it’s certainly worth it.  

A++ content allows customers to engage with your brand through: 

  • Attractive and impactful full-width images 
  • Interactive modules that display information in an engaging way 
  • Comparison charts that make it easy for them to decide which product best suits them 
  • Videos that explain your products’ features and benefits 

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