A+ Content Examples from Food Brands on Amazon

6 Effective A+ Content Examples On Amazon from Creative Food Brands

Trying to figure out how to use A+ Content on Amazon to show off what makes your product special? 

Do you have amazing recipes and/or important prep requirements? 

Amazon is not in the habit of making things easy and can often leave you feeling lost & confused. 

But there are tools available. 

Enhanced Brand Content (now A+ content for Brand Registered Sellers) is easy once you know what you’re looking at. And if you’re trying to sell food on Amazon then below are some beautiful A+ Content examples that can help boost sales. 

What is A+ Content on Amazon?

A+ Content on Amazon is a type of enhanced brand content (hence the previous name) that allows you to leverage more real estate on your product page to communicate with the customer. 

Its purpose is to provide you additional creative space to increase conversion and grow your sales. All while building brand awareness. Have a browse through this article which goes over all the benefits of A+ Content on Amazon.

“Its purpose is to provide you additional creative space to increase conversion and grow your sales…” 

Previously called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), the two terms are now used interchangeably. 

Enhanced Brand Content is one of the most effective tools brand registered sellers have for showing professionalism and establishing trust with the customer. 

How is Enhanced Brand Content Built on Amazon? 

Building A+ content in Amazon is a bit easier than it used to be but still requires some know-how, a skilled designer and a good design system. 

You can find the editor in the A+ Content Manager under the advertising tab of seller central.

Click on the button in the top right and from there you can start creating A+ content by adding modules like these: 

adding A+ content module

And that’s pretty much it!  

Well… not exactly. There’s a lot that goes into determining which blocks you’ll use – such as the story you want to tell, the type of product you have and your branding. 

Below we’ll go into some great examples of food companies using A+ content in Amazon listings to grow their sales and brand awareness. 

A+ Content Example 1: Creating Context for the Customer with a Recipe 

In our first Amazon A+ Content example, Pacific Foods has done an excellent job of using a module to provide a recipe. Their plant-based oat beverage looks to be something like oat milk with a focus on using it as a baking ingredient which makes a recipe a great option to provide context. 

They used the perfect module for communicating the instructions and the ingredients separately while providing a delicious image of the finished product as well as an attractive image above the ingredients.  

This type of image allows us to communicate a specific use of the product so the customer better understands how to use the product. Pacific Foods creates an emotional connection with Rosemary biscuits and understands what their customer might be looking for. (The idea of understanding customer intent helps greatly when highlighting your product’s benefits). If the customer is an experienced baker. they’ll likely have a better idea of what else they can use it for as well.

A+ Content Example 2: Connecting Emotionally with Additional Benefits 

Nutiva has a great design team. They’ve clearly thought out their brand design and how they want to communicate their benefits and you can tell by their design that mobile is a clear focus for them. Read our article to understand why you have a great advantage if you’re optimizing for mobile.

A+ Content on Amazon gives you the ability to connect your bullets to your images in a way the normal graphics don’t allow. 

In these two images, they have combined excellent copywriting with beautiful design, all wrapped up in their product’s brand colors to provide a consistent experience that speaks to their target audience. 

Enhanced Brand Content Example 3: Make it Feel Easy by Showing How to Use the Product 

Add, Blend, Stir. 

It’s that easy. 

Have you ever chosen to not buy something because you weren’t sure how to use it? 

I know I have. 

Kiva has done an impressive job here of eliminating any anxiety a potential buyer may feel from not knowing how to use the product. 

Their communication is simple and straightforward and utilizes great imagery and easy-to-follow infographics to make it easily scannable. Now it’s easy for someone to look at that and say “Oh, that’s it? I can do that.”  

And they buy. Great A+ Content example!

A+ Content Example 4: Let the Customer Envision Life with the Product 

Images are worth a thousand words, and they sell. 

Better Body Foods has not only created a great layout that will transition easily to mobile but they’ve included a section that answers the question “what can I use Chia Seeds for?” 

They’ve even taken it a step further by thinking ahead for seasonality. They’ve featured all cold beverages (smoothies and puddings) which are great for the summertime (when I’ve pulled this image). 

They look refreshing and now I know all the things I can put my soon-to-be-purchased chia seeds in to be super healthy and fit this summer 😊 

Example 5: Align with Your Customer by Communicating Your Brands Values 

Orgain makes it clear from the top. 

They care about sustainability. 

They care so much they’ve placed it above their logo which tells me that they know it’s a key value of their customers. 

By putting it in front, using specific language that resonates with their customers, and proving it out with numbers they are showing their customers that their values align. 

Because of the sheer number of products on Amazon, using green marketing to communicate their product’s green features is another nice way to stand out and speak directly to your type of people. People who are environmentally responsible buy Orgain’s Organic Protein. 

Example 6: Cover the Spectrum with Everything “At a Glance”

For a “simple” product like coffee, there is often more to the story.

Lavazza shares everything they need to about their product with concise yet relevant descriptions – both about the product and the company’s history.

They haven’t done anything very complicated, but the graphics and modules that they chose all look great together and offer the customer a very good overview of it all.

From the product profile on the side targeting coffee lovers to the aromatic notes to the preparation and a bit of the history, Lavazza has thought of everything.

We also love how they present their its experience right from the top stating “125 years of Italian craftsmanship”. In fact, with such a long time in the business, they could probably benefit from including a Brand Story to establish expertise and pique customers’ interest.

Lavazza A+ Content

BONUS EBC Example: Maintain a Consistent Design & Brand Experience When Using A+ Content on Amazon

Not only does Equal Exchange do a great job aligning with their customer values but they create a consistent brand experience with every image. 

Each image is designed with the same type of full-width module that they’ve inserted a custom image into, and they’ve done an excellent job transitioning through with their brand colors (see the blue and red) to make it all feel whole. 

Not only does it look beautiful, but they are speaking directly to their customers. They are showing you that one of the main benefits when you buy Equal Exchange is that it makes you feel good knowing they source responsibly.

Small Farmer Grown Coffee from a worker-owned co-op. 

Now that’s beautiful. 

Key Takeaways

All in all, A+ content is a powerful tool for increasing sales and growing brand awareness. With this and the rest of the tools provided to you by Brand Registry you will have an edge against the competition. 

  • A+ Content on Amazon provides an added opportunity to communicate the benefits of your product and increase conversion. 
  • Formerly known as EBC, A+ Content for Amazon gives brand-registered sellers extra tools to connect emotionally with the customer, especially on mobile. 
  • Utilizing Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon gives you the ability to be more creative with your communications than the standard Amazon listing sections. 
  • Well-designed A+ Content in Amazon listings is a powerful tool for growing both brand awareness and increasing conversion. 
  • Amazon Enhanced Brand Content should be handled by a professional design team that takes the time to understand your brand

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