Amazon photography images you need before creating your listing

Amazon Photography: 12 Photos You Need Before Creating Your Listing

Small businesses just starting out may have questions about Amazon photography.

Questions like: What kinds of photos do we need? What types of shots should we ask for?

Here are 12 types of photographs you definitely need to have before you start creating your Amazon listing.

1. Head-on forward-facing shot

  • Should be level with the camera to make everything very easy to read from the search results page (SERP)
  • Ideally, if you’re packaging has been designed for search then it should grab attention quickly and clearly communicate what the product is and the value it provides to the customer
head on amazon product photo with white background for main image

2. All sides of the product packaging

  • Important to have high-resolution images of all sides of the packaging in order to allow the customer to read everything as they would in the store.
back side of the product packaging on amazon

3. Open box, display

  • Helps to differentiate in search and or show how the product can be shown
  • Also helps to communicate more information in search by showing both the side, front and the top of the packaging inside
chagaccino superfood coffee bost box display amazon photography

4. 3/4 shot (left and right)

  • This is for A/B testing in the main image but also great for adding depth to graphics
tender and true pet food 3/4 product photography shot
beyond auto dish tabs 3/4 amazon photography shot

5. Everything included

  • Allows to show customers the product that they’ll receive and can be combined with the box.
  • You’ll want to have photos of all of the parts so that they can be used in graphics in addition to the main image
Quark baby fruit feeder box and everything included photo
amazon photography with everything included in the product package

6. Product out of box or packaging

This can work for CPG goods where you want to be able to show a little of the product and differentiate in search (not just plain boring packaging).

Dirty labs eco laundry detergent amazon photography with product out of packaging
organic matcha powder out of the packaging for better amazon photography

7. Product in Display

  • Some items have a lot of parts that you’ll want to display in different ways. It’s important to have various versions that you can A/B test.
Products in display - have more than one image with pieces displayed in different ways

8. Product closeups

These types of images help customers see products in more detail. They can also make nice backgrounds for graphics like in the case below.

closeup of fairtrade blanket on amazon

9. Product closeups in use

Great for graphics and helping convey more information about the product.

vaccum cleaner close up in use
earth-friendly ingredient dish soap closeup in use

10. Product aesthetic lifestyle

  • If you are getting more than just white background photography and want a look and feel for your products then you will also want to get some product arrangements in aesthetics that will appeal to your customer
product lifestyle aesthetic photo

This works especially well for food photography. These images can then be combined into graphics like below:

zero waste facial rounds aesthetic lifestyle shot
product photography with aesthetic lifestyle setup

11. Lifestyle in use (with human)

  • This kind of Amazon photography is really important to show the look and feel of the product so a person can envision themselves using it.
  • You also want these photos to convey emotion
photo for amazon of person using product
amazon photography product in use with human

12. Wide angle photographs

These are great for A+ content!

wide angle shots are great for a+ content

Are there any we’ve missed? Let us know!

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