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A Simple Guide to Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions

Customizing promotions based on specific buyer behavior is critical to success in ecommerce. For sellers on Amazon, this has always been a little more restrictive. Until recently, there was no option to target buyers based on where they were in the customer journey. Enter Brand Tailored Promotions. A new way to offer special discounts to specific types of audience targets.

What are Brand Tailored Promotions? 

Brand Tailored Promotions allow you to provide special promotions to customers that meet certain criteria which they break up into separate groups called “audiences.” 

It’s a great way to target new customers, loyal customers and even customers who have abandoned their cart.  

How do you become eligible for Brand Tailored Promotions? 

First and foremost, Amazon brand tailored promotions are only available to brand registered sellers

If you are brand registered, then you should be able to see it in the advertising section of the menu in Seller Central. 

Note: If you have been invited to the account as a user you will need to get permissions added through global permissions

For each specific audience there is also an audience size threshold to run a promotion. If you do not have a big enough audience (size in parentheses) then you won’t be able to run one. This is almost always going to be determined by the size of your brand and sales. 

Here is what Amazon says about audiences: 

“Audience size is the number of customers that match the audience criteria. They are the potential recipients of tailored discounts. Audience size may change from the time you create the promotion to when your promotion is live because more customers may match the audience criteria or some customers may fall out of the audience criteria in the time between promotion creation and go-live date. You will be eligible to create tailored promotions only for audiences with size of 1,000 or more.” 

The only exception to this 1,000 customer size rule appears to be brand followers. You can find more information about it here in the Seller Central help docs.

What are Brand Tailored Audiences on Amazon?

Amazon’s audiences come with a special name – Brand Tailored audiences. These are groups of high-intent customers that meet specific criteria.  

At the time of this writing, the different audiences include: 

  • At-Risk Customers: Customers who haven’t bought recently nor frequently, with varied spend 
  • Brand Cart Abandoners: Customers who have added any of your brand products to their cart in the last 90 days but haven’t bought yet 
  • Brand Followers: Brand followers have clicked to “follow” this brand on Amazon 
  • High Spend Customers: The highest spending 5% of your brand’s customers in the last 12 months 
  • Potential New Customers: Customers who have clicked on brand’s products or added to cart recently (in the past 90 days) but have not bought in the last 12 months 
  • Promising: Customers who have bought recently, buy occasionally, and spend above average 
  • Recent Customers: The most recent 5% of customers who have bought from your brand 
  • Repeat Customers: Customers who have ordered your brand’s products more than once in the last 12 months 
  • Top-tier: These are customers who have bought recently and spend the most. Most of these customers buy frequently 

Some important things to note about audiences is that there is overlap between them. A single customer could be a repeat customer, high spending customer, as well as a brand cart abandoner. 

That said, a customer cannot claim multiple promotions on a single purchase, although they can claim a promotion on each new purchase if still available. 

From our understanding, they will see the highest available promotion first and they can see the promotion in search, the detail page and the promotional shopping page. 

How to Set up Brand Tailored Promotions 

Here are the steps to setting up Brand Tailored Promotions on Amazon: 

  1. Go to the Brand Tailored Promotions Page in the advertising section of the menu 
  2. Click on Create Promotion 
  3. Choose your brand 
  4. Choose the audience that you want to create a promotion for 
  5. Name your promotion (something easy to reference when viewing multiple promotions) 
  6. Choose your discount (between 10% and 50%) 
  7. Choose your budget 
    • Budget is only for the amount of promotional dollars you want to spend. If you sell something for $10 with a 10% promotion then it would take up $1 of your budget. 
  8. Choose your start and end dates 
    • The start date must be 24 hours from the date you create the promotion 
    • The end date maxes out at around 10 weeks after the start 
  9. Choose the number of redemptions allowed per customer 
  10. Check whether or not you want it to show on the detail page 
    • This could be important if you would prefer to highlight other promotions such as subscribe and save on the products detail page 
  11. Create your promotion

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