invite users and set permissions in seller central

How to Invite Users & Set Permissions in Seller Central on Amazon

As an Amazon agency, it’s important that our clients have the ability to manage user permissions on their Seller Central account. This not only allows them to give access to the right people so they can add products, create A+ Content, and design stores, but it also helps protect their account from unauthorized changes.  

But after numerous conversations with clients we’ve come to the realization that this is not a  straightforward process.

If you’ve experienced this as well then we’re here to help. 

In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of inviting and setting user permissions for Amazon’s Seller Central so you can finally give access to those wonderful people who are going to help lower your advertising costs and increase your sales on Amazon (like us 😉).

How to invite a user to Amazon’s Seller Central 

1. Select the setting icons in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar. It should be visible from every page in Seller Central. 

Select the setting cog symbol in seller central

2. Select “User Permissions” from the dropdown. 

Select user permissions

3. Scroll down to the “Add a new user” section and enter their name and email address (don’t forget to double-check the spelling). 

Add a new user by inviting their email address

4. The person you’ve invited now has to accept the invitation via an email sent to the address you invited. This is on them but do let them know when you’ve sent the email and don’t be shy about following up.  

How to Set Basic User Permissions in Seller Central 

Once the user has accepted the invitation, you can begin setting their permissions. 

WARNING: You are about to give important and sensitive access to your account. Please make sure you trust the person you are inviting and be sure to become familiar with how to remove permissions and/or delete the user from the account. Amazon also changes and adds permissions over time so keep in mind that the view may change. 

1. Click on “Manage Permissions” for the user you want to do this for.

manage permissions

2. If you want to set permissions for the user to be able to add or edit products/listings in your inventory, you’ll need to give access to “View & Edit” under the inventory section.

inventory management

3. To manage A+ Content on Amazon, you’ll find the setting under Advertising. Select “View & Edit” under A+ Content Manager.

invite to edit A+ content

4. To create or edit Stores, select “View & Edit” for Storefront Names and Stores Builder under Store Design.

5. To allow a user to create and manage advertising campaigns, select “View & Edit” under all that apply in Advertising.

Set user permissions for advertising

How to Set Global User Permissions for Brand Analytics Access 

For some reason Amazon has added a second option that needs to be selected in order to give someone access to your brand analytics. Not only do you give them access under reporting but also under “Global User Permissions”.

Please note that this can only be done on the master admin account (email the account was created with).

1. Go back to the User Permissions page

2. Click on “Manage Global Permissions”

Screenshot of the User Permissions Page Showing Global Permissions

3. Set the Permissions to View or View/Edit for the below items

You can manage permissions for Brand Benefits – anything related to the Build Your Brand section which includes creating product bundles, brand analytics and even running A/B tests through Amazon’s Manage Your Experiments.

Brand Benefits User Permissions on Amazon

You can set permissions for Growth for options like “Subscribe and Save”, Sustainability Solutions Hub Reporting and more.

Growth User Permissions

You can adjust user permissions for inventory-related tasks like below:

Amazon Inventory User Permissions

Here’s how to set up the rest of the permissions:

Amazon Global User Permissions

We hope this step-by-step tutorial made it easy for you to understand how to invite a new user and set permissions in Seller Central.

We’ve included a video below here from Amazon on keeping your Seller Central account secure.

If you have any questions about how to succeed on Amazon, book a call! We’re here to help.

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