bulk upload FBM listings on amazon

How to Bulk Upload FBM Listings on Amazon for your Entire Catalog

If you have a large catalog of products that you want to sell on Amazon, your best bet might be to do a bulk upload. This can be done easily by downloading a spreadsheet template from Seller Central and filling in the necessary information.

In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to do this step by step.

1. Navigate to the Add Products via Upload Page

Go to Seller Central and navigate to the “Add Products via Upload” page. It’s in the left hand menu under Catalog. 

1. Add a Product Via Upload
2. Go to “Download Spreadsheet”.
2. Download Spreadsheet
3. Choose the Template “Listing Loader” and pick the marketplace that you want to upload offers to.
3. Listing Loader
4. Download and open the file

You should get a file that looks like this:

4. How the listing loader excel file looks
5. Gather the listing information you want to enter.

The best way to get this at scale is to download your category listing report

6. Gather your product IDs from the Category listing report (Amazon recommends using the ASIN here).

If you have UPCS in the Product IDs and want to use the ASIN then you can grab either the inventory report or the business reports to match ASINS to EAN/UPCs. The report you grab and how you want to organize your uploads will dictate the structure of the information you get. 

7. Add the information to the spreadsheet:
5. Example of FBM upload using the Amazon Listing Loader
  1. Enter your SKU. For FBM SKUs we would recommend using your FBA SKU and then putting “-FBM” at the end so it’s easy to distinguish between the two. 
  1. Enter the Price 
  1. Enter Quantity. This should be “0” to start in order to not cause any headaches. You can edit it later. 
  1. Enter the Product-id. This is ideally the ASIN but can also be UPC, EAN, GTIN, etc. 
  1. Enter the Product-id-type. We recommend using the ASIN in order to reduce errors.
  1. Enter the Condition-type 
8. Upload

I recommend breaking your upload files up into smaller, more organized chunks so that it’s easy to troubleshoot mistakes (and not create big problems for yourself by doing massive uploads). It also helps increase the usefulness of these spreadsheets (and this work) where you can easily pull them up again if needed.

Make sure that it says “successful”. 

Check Seller Central that everything has loaded as desired 

Note: It takes some time for things to load. Even if it looks like there’s an issue at first it should usually finish in less than an hour. 

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