how to create a removal order on amazon

How to Recall Amazon Inventory by Creating a Removal Order

Fulfilment by Amazon (known as Amazon FBA) can be a valuable resource for businesses, relieving sellers of the headache of having to store and ship products themselves. 

Sometimes, though, the storage fees that come along with it can become a burden, especially if products are being returned or simply not selling.

In this article, we’ll be covering the exact steps to take to create a removal order on Amazon’s Seller Central.

Why create a removal order on Amazon? 

There are a variety of reasons for creating a removal order on Amazon. You could do this to: 

  • Replace an old model of product with a newer one 
  • Avoid or reduce storage fees from Amazon’s warehouse 
  • Return or repair products that customers have returned to Amazon 
  • Return or destroy unfulfillable inventory 
  • Liquidate inventory that would be too costly to return 
  • Return or destroy expired inventory

What are the removal options?

When creating a removal order, Amazon gives you 3 options: 

  • Liquidations 
  • Return-to Address 
  • Dispose 


This option has Amazon send your inventory to wholesale liquidators. Amazon charges for this service, and you’ll receive a small percentage (about 5-10%) of the sale price. 

Return-to Address

Sometimes customers return products as damaged or faulty. Other times, a product just isn’t selling. You can select return to address if you’d like to have these units sent back to you. 


You may want Amazon to dispose of your product or inventory if it’s damaged or close to expiry. Amazon will also sometimes donate these products to non-profit organizations depending on the state of the inventory, and whether you choose to opt out of their donation program. You’ll be charged a small fee by Amazon for each unit disposed of. 

How to Create a Removal Order from Amazon’s Seller Central

1. From your Seller Central account on Amazon, click on the hamburger menu in the top left of the main menu bar.

select the hamburger menu

2. Under “Inventory”, select “Manage All Inventory”.

Select Manage All Inventory

3. Find the listing you want to remove inventory for. You can select “Fulfilled by Amazon” to filter for FBA products. Select the arrow next to “Edit” to reveal the dropdown menu.

filter FBA and click arrow next to edit

4. Click “Create removal order”.

Select create removal order

5. Select your method of removal. Make sure the return address is correct if choosing “Return-to Address”. 

choose method of removal

6. Type in the number of units you want to remove and click the “Review” button.

enter the number of units and click review

7. Review the information and click “Confirm”.

click the confirm button

Once you’ve confirmed, it usually takes about 10-14 days to process the order but can be longer during certain busy periods like holidays.

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