how to access the category listing report

How to Request Access to and Download the Category Listing Report on Amazon

The Amazon category listing report is an inventory report for Amazon sellers that offers a comprehensive overview of all their listings on the platform.

It allows sellers to see which elements of their listings are present and which are missing, and it can also reveal any non-compliant information that has been added, either by the seller or by others.  

What is a Category Listing Report on Amazon?

The category listing report is one of the most helpful reports on Amazon, yet few sellers even know of its existence. It offers a full overview of a seller’s entire ASIN library in one easy-to-read view. 

Additionally, it can be used to quickly create a flat file for upload, which is extremely useful for brands selling hundreds of ASINs. Instead of changing or updating information to each individual listing, they can use the category listing report to update the entire catalogue all in one go (although we strongly recommend breaking it down into test batches first, especially if you’re not familiar with the process). 

In fact, we use the category listing report often when submitting a redrive as it also helps us back up the listing file for re-upload 

Another good question that always pops up is… 

Why do you have to request access to the category listing report?

As the category listing report holds a lot of information, it comes at a high cost and needs to be requested. And while Amazon has experimented with making it generally available, it still doesn’t show up on many accounts. 

Note: The category listing report used to show the actual backend information on the listing but was recently changed to only show the submitted information for the seller requesting the information which has limited its use when trying to troubleshoot listing issues. 

How to request access to the category listing report on Amazon

1. Select “Help” from the main menu (top right) in Seller Central.

In seller central, select help

2. Select the “Get Support” button.

Scroll down and select get support under need more help

3.  Select “Selling on Amazon”.

Select the selling on amazon option

4. Click on “Or, browse for your issue in the menu”.

browse for your issue in the menu

5. From the list, select “Products, Listings, or Inventory” and scroll down to “Investigate Other Product, Listings, or Inventory Issues”.

select under product listings inventory

6. In Step 1, “Describe your issue” make the request to activate the category listing report. It can be as simple as: Hello, I would like to activate access to the Category Listing Report, please. Thanks! (we always recommend being friendly in support emails) 

In Step 2, select the contact method as “Email”, enter your information and hit “Send”.

Ask to activate category listing report

7. You should receive an email within the next 24 hours that the Category Listing Report has been activated.

How to Download the Category Listing Report

1. Select the hamburger menu from the main menu in Seller Central. 

select the hamburger menu

2. From the dropdown, select “Inventory Reports” from the “Reports” section.

select inventory reports

3. From the dropdown menu, select “Category Listing Report” and click the yellow “Request Report” button. There’s no need to select dates or anything else. 

select category listing report and press request

4. After a few minutes (depending on file size), the report should be available for download below the request. Click “Download”. 

download to access category listing report

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