How to change an amazon product category

How to Change Your Amazon Product Category with a Support Ticket

Being in the right Amazon product category can make or break sales.  

Optimizing titles, bullet points and descriptions could be all for nothing if your customers can’t find you. 

So what can you do if you’re in the wrong place?

Fix it!

Here’s a step-by-step on how to change a product category with a support ticket.

How to change a product category on Amazon through a support ticket:

  1. Go to seller support on changing a category:
change a products category
  1. Enter the product’s ASIN, hit next 
  1. Confirm that it’s not currently in the correct category, hit yes
make sure it's in the incorrect category
  • 4. Search for the exact category you want (or approximate if it doesn’t show up), or search through the browse tree guides (BTGs) if you’re uncertain
Search for the correct category
  1. Hit submit 
  1. This will create a case, grab the link and create a task for yourself to monitor the case status 

In this case, a client’s product (a plant-based pea protein powder) was placed into the wrong category. If customers are searching for pea protein, they wouldn’t be able to find this particular product – hindering its performance. 

The problem originated with a “redrive” to solve a number of issues the client had but the category was not changed over. Hence, the request to change the Amazon product category through a ticket.

Luckily, it was an easy change to make. 

Why are product categories on Amazon important?

Not all customers on Amazon browse products in the same way. Sometimes they completely forgo the search bar and scan products by category.  

If your product is in the wrong category, it could be a missed opportunity – especially if you’ve taken the time to optimize your listing in every other way. 

Appearing in more niche subcategories may also help you stand out. If your product does well in its sub-category it’s possible Amazon will award you with one of the coveted Best Seller or Amazon’s Choice badges.

What is a browse node on Amazon?

Sometimes Amazon uses different and confusing language to describe things. A “browse node” on Amazon is simply another way of stating the category on Amazon. The only difference is that a browse node usually refers to a string of text or numbers that represent the category (like a code). 

Category browse nodes on amazon

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