How to Submit an Amazon Redrive with a Flat File

How to Submit an Amazon Redrive with an Amazon Flat File

Submitting changes to products on Amazon can be frustrating. 

Sometimes all you wanted was to make a change to one field but then…

New error messages pop up that weren’t there previously. Certain fields are locked. And it’s impossible to change whatever you wanted to change in the first place. 

When this happens, Amazon will frequently tell you to delete the listing for 24 hours, a scary proposition. 

delete listing before submitting an Amazon redrive

This is where submitting a “redrive” on Amazon comes in.

What is a redrive on Amazon? 

An Amazon redrive is the technical term for what Amazon support is telling you to do and consists of deleting a listing for 24 hours (sounds terrifying, we know!) and then uploading all the corrected information to the listing in a flat file. 

After uploading the flat file the listing will reappear, complete with all its associated reviews.

When should you submit a redrive?

A redrive on Amazon comes in handy when you want to make changes but the software won’t allow you to. If you’ve exhausted your options, the best thing to do is save a backup of the category listing report, fill the information in a flat file and upload everything again.  

How to submit a redrive with an Amazon flat file (step by step) 

1. Back up your listings:  

Download “category listings report” from “inventory reports” under the reports tab – if you don’t have access to the category listings report, request access by submitting a ticket (this should be resolved quickly and you’ll be given access in less than 24 hours and will receive an email once approved). 

2. Delete the product and listing(s) you want to update under “Manage all inventory” 

3. Wait 24 hours

4. While you’re waiting, create your upload file 

  1. Visit and under “Update product details”, select “Get Product Template”.
update product details

Find the category (some categories require approval) for the product you want to update. (See article about how to change a product’s category with a ticket).

select the product category for your redrive

Select the correct the marketplace and click “Generate template”.

Generate a flat file template

2 fields that are not flagged but are always required:  

  • Is this product a battery or does it utilize batteries? Select Yes/No from the dropdown menu 
  • Applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations – select the appropriate answer from the dropdown menu 

After 24 hours have passed… 

5. Once you’ve filled out the template, you’ll go back to the section “Add Products via Upload” and select “Upload Your Spreadsheet” from the menu. 

Upload the flat file and enter your email

6. Upload the spreadsheet and fill in your email to receive an alert when the upload is complete. 

7. If there are any errors in the file you uploaded, you’ll receive a notification by email from Amazon indicating the number and types of errors. You can then download the file and the errors will appear flagged with a red badge. Fix the errors and re-upload the flat file. 

The idea of deleting a listing can be tense, but there is no reason to stress.  

If you’re still unsure and prefer a professional submit a redrive on Amazon for you, we’re happy to help. 

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